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Arvinder Kaur

Date: April 2, 2016

I cannot express how happy I am having my daughter Ishpreet Kaur in The Eight Virtues Montessori Pre-School. I was so nervous leaving my daughter anywhere before her admission but the way she was handled there was really beyond the expectations. After visiting the school my husband and I felt so comfortable and assured. The classrooms are decorated so nicely and school is following academic programs. Teachers are so supportive and nurturing who also keep us informed and send us different activities pictures. Anytime I approached the teacher for my daughter’s progress they were so informative and detailed about what my daughter is doing. I can definitely see the benefits of having my daughter in this school and would like to thanks every staff for being so helpful and supportive.

Dr. Hamideh Pourtaherian

Date: April 1, 2016

My son, Artin, has been enrolled at your school when he was 2 years and 3 months. I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all of the teachers and staffs who have taken such great care of Artin over the past 2 years. Artin has had a great time at your and developed a lot from little baby to little kid. I wanted to say a big thank you to Miss Aleza for the amazing work you do at Eight Virtues Montessori School. You should be very proud if the friendly environment you have created. My especial thanks for Miss Sharon and Miss Dharshani for their patience, enthusiasm and their skill.

Behazin & Alison Jafari

Date: October 27, 2015

We are very grateful of the care and attention that your teachers have given to Cyrus. In the time that he has been at Eight Virtues Preschool,  Cyrus has grown and developed so much, and we are extremely happy with the service that your staff provide. Cyrus is very happy to come to school each day, and he will indeed miss each of his teachers and friends.

Tan Kwang Yung & Agnes Wong Pui Ming

Date: October 27, 2015

Our daughter has enjoyed her time and learned very much at the preschool under your supervise. My husband and I have been incredibly impressed with your nurturing, caring and professional approach on childcare. We thank you for your effort, leading and making the preschool such a comfortable care and safe learning place.

Syed Muzzafar & Sheilla Delalamon

Date: October 27, 2015

It has been a wonderful journey for Mysha being in the class with your teachers, especially Ms. Jillian and Ms. Sharon who helped Mysha to become more confident and cope up with other students.  It has been a fantastic experience with 10 months being with you and has become a part of our family.

Thank you very much for everything and sure hope we will meet again soon.  Wishing you and the school all the best and many more fruitful years of success to come.

Ng Kam Ming & Ler Yee Ling

Date: October 21, 2015

“Thanks to all the teachers in Eigh Virtues. We are so happy that Angel is enjoying learning here and she became more confident and courageous after studying here. We really like your teaching methods. Thanks for your hard work! Wish you all the best in the future”

Amer Almaiman & Muodi Alghasham

Date: October 21, 2015

“Thank you very much teacher for a great progress and satisfied effort done for Lamar this term. Great teacher and great preschool”

Won See Yee

Date: January 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Mxxx has started in his new school happily and adapts very very well in it.

Teachers there said he’s the student who able to take instruction well, and finish every meal, in addition very discipline, compare with the existing students there.

The second day, Mxxx already asked us to go back home and said he will be happy in school.

I do think all these are efforts of the principal and the teachers!

Agree with what you told me during enrollment Mxxx last year, Montessori basically is to stimulate kid learning interest and independent, once the good habit and behavior be shaped out, the kid able to adapt to new environment everywhere all the times.

Mxxx definitely a good example for this.

I still recall that Mxxx was very bad temper and stubborn, refused to let parent and nanny leave him, when we sent him to your school every morning. Also, he very choosy on food and unable to finish every meal, even it’s very small portion.

He also refuse to listen to teachers’ instructions/advice and insisted on his way of doing things, and will loss temper easily.

All these bad habits have been corrected gradually during school life in Eight Virtues for almost 11 months.

Academic wise, I do see he starts to love book, just two days ago, he is very interested in the digestion system in a book, and asked me to explain what are intestines, stomach, and how food be digested.

And he starts to become a “WH” kid, every single thing he will ask when, where, why etc, to fulfill his curiosity, and the social skill has improved a lot, very easily to mix with new friends.

I do think Mxxx will improve further if he can stay longer with your school, however, it’s regret that Mxxx got to leave the school due to transportation problem.

Keep the good job! Wish you and all the teachers, staff a very Happy New Year 2014.

Thank you.

Carl & Tammy Etherington

Date: August 26, 2013

“We recently arrived from the UK. Our son who is 4 years old, was finding it difficult to settle after leaving his friends, home and loved ones. A friend suggested that enrolling him in a local Montessori might help, as it assisted her son greatly.

We had heard about the newly opened Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool and decided to give it a try. Our first impressions of the school were very good, the school is spacious, clean, well equipped and with a good layout, all conducive to creating a positive development environment. Within a few months, our son had settled very well – his confidence had returned and was becoming a happy child once again. Each day he was looking forward to going to school, not only was he coming home and sharing new and interesting facts , his manners improved, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ became a natural part of his conversation.

Overall our son’s experience at Eight Virtues have been extremely positive and has provided a strong foundation for his move to ‘big school’ in August. We would without hesitation recommend the pre-school to anyone. We would just like to thank Cristine, Ms Jillian and all the staff for making our son’s time at Eight Virtues a happy and worthwhile experience at this crucial stage of his development.”


Date: August 26, 2013

When I started looking for a preschool for my daughter, my criteria included safety and health, aesthetically pleasing physical environment; clean, well-equipped, and orderly classrooms; and caring and experienced staff. It was important for my daughter to have positive experiences in her new environment and to feel comfortable.
Eight Virtues Montessori School meets these high standards. My three-year-old daughter is excited to attend school, learn critical skills, play with her friends, and participate in multiple hands-on experiences. We were lucky to find this school.
She enjoys all activities and the time with her teachers. As a parent I appreciate the teachers patience and their ever-ready attitude to support the needs of my daughter. Eight Virtues Montessori School provides a fantastic learning environment for children of all cultures, languages, and ways of thinking, learning, and being. I look forward to picking her up each day; she usually has new experiences to share with a huge smile.
Thank you Eight Virtues .