EVMP Preschool Launched in February 2013
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It is a Holy Task to Cultivate Correctitude in Early Childhood

We believe that the process of learning is limitless.

Each child is unique and will achieve his or her own potential in a safe and stimulating environment.

Curriculum is adapted from best practices in early childhood education programs in London, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, India and Shanghai.

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What Parent's Say

  • I am very grateful to the teachers of EVMP for bringing happiness and love to my child. At first, the reason why I choose EVMP was because I saw everyone’s harmonious smile. It felt very warm and brought positive energy. I hope teachers can maintain such an attitude.

    The happiest is to see his change. He became brave, independent, of course the language change and improved is obvious to everyone.

    Thanks again for your kindness and patience in teaching my children.  Pray you a blessed, healthy and happy always.

    ~ Mrs Toh Siak Yee & Mr Lim Chuan Chuan ~

    Parent of Chester Lim

  • I am the mother of a special child. I came from China. I live alone with my kid in Malaysia. I came here after my kid dropped out of International school in 2017.

    I didn’t expect much that time, I just hope that my kid would go to school. But thanks to God, my kid have met loving teachers at EVMP. He learned a lot and he made progress every day.

    I am so touched by the gift of God to my family. Thanks to every teacher in the preschool. My kid and I cherish the last time at EVMP when my kid is about to leave.

    Thank you !!!

    ~ Mrs Lee Li Shuang & Mr Liam Jin Bo~

    Parent of Lucas Da Bao

  • Thank you to all the teachers & Mrs Aleza. You guys are amazing !

    What i love the most are all teachers being very attentive to any problem that i'm having all this while. Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

    ~ Mrs Yuki Sze & Mr Justin Connoly~

    Parent of Iszebelle Connoly

  • The teachers at EVMP have been very caring and encouraging throughout the years and my boys have enjoyed spending their early years in this environment.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    ~ Mrs Diani Lee & Mr Law Wai Cheong ~


    Parent of Wynn & Rhome Law

  • Mr & Mrs Tee
    We have been incredibly lucky to have found EVMP 3 years ago. Apart from fun and safe learning environment and dedicated teachers, EVMP offers exposure to diverse ethnicity and culture and most importantly, the cultivation of morals, values and ethics in kids from a very young age. We are grateful to the EVMP team for moulding our daughter to who she is today- a confident and outspoken girl who is also sensitive to others needs and diplomatic in her approaches. A big thank you to the EVMP team for making her preschool journey an extremely memorable one.
    Mr & Mrs Tee
    Parent of Imogen Tee – Pre Junior Graduate
  • Mr Kaushik Biswas & Mrs Deborima Das Biswas
    When we relocated to Malaysia last year, we were looking for preschool for our son with a nurturing environment to foster a love for school and learning. We wanted a school with a right balance of academic and co curriculum activities along with character building. We visited Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool and found this school perfectly meets our requirement. We were very comfortable talking to the Principal and the teachers and most importantly our son was comfortable from day one. EVMP preschool was our son 3rd school and this was the first time there were no tantrums in the morning while getting ready for aschool. The teachers and the staff are very supportive and caring, especially class teacher Ms Jillian and Principal Ms Aleza who gave us valuable feedback and suggestions from time to time. Our son has now moved to Primary school and he says he misses EVMP a lot. We highly recommend EVMP to all parents who are looking for a nurturing school for their child/ children.
    Mr Kaushik Biswas & Mrs Deborima Das Biswas
    Parent of Rishaan Biswas - Pre Junior Graduate
  • Motherhood is an important part of any woman's life, but it is not all of it, or I believe it should not be. So after my son was one year old I started to think about my dream and study again. Hossein was only 17 months old when he started his preschool.

    Honestly, in this country far from my family I could not do neither my study nor motherhood without the great support of EVMP teachers, staffs and Principal. Like very kind sisters, they have always been there for me with any issue I encounter while bringing up my son, they had a solution, because they have the knowledge and experience.

    I felt safe and confident all those 5 years that my son was attending EVMP. Besides, in every gathering, everyone was amazed by how kind, responsible he was which I believed he learnt from school. Also from academic point of view, he was very good at reading, writing, maths and sciences, and the most important of all, he loved learning.

    I owe to his great teachers, especially Dearest Ms. Jillian forever.

    ~ Mr. Mohamad Behmanesh & Mrs Zahra Dashtizadeh ~
  • Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool is a one of a kind school. The one that we will remember for the rest of our lifes. The staff are the most creative and innovative team I have ever seen.

    They are fun, memorable, educational and everything that a good lesson should be. My son learned how to be independent, confident, kind and humble from what they provided. I am happy to be part of that family whom I appreciate for everything they did to us.

    Thank you very much and wish you all the best.

    - Mr Sohaib Thabit & Mrs Khulood Abdul Qader -
  • Hi everyone,

    Today Hemanth was given a farewell and We thank you for preparing it. Hemanth is with EVMP for the past 1 year. However, due to work reasons we will be relocating back to India by early October.

    I would like to share with every one that, before joining EVMP, Hemanth does not speak English. After joining EVMP, he had improved his English language speaking. In addition, we could see good progress in his behaviour and in particular he could easily mingle with outsiders very easily despite difficulty in language.We realise that extraordinary effort has been put by the teachers for moulding his manners and skills.

    Therefore we thank the EVMP teachers team, including principal Mdm.Aleza and support staff members in bringing a impressive change in him.

    - Mr Shivashankar & Mrs Nishanti -
  • We would like to thank all teachers at EVMP for your guidance and care, and to parents of Cayden's classmates and his friends, it was a great year for us wel as Cayden. Cayden had an awesome time with all his friends, I am very glad that we have cross paths and became friends. Take care everyone. We will miss all of you dearly.

    - Mr Cheah Kian Hing & Mrs Joanne Lauw -
  • After 5 years, tomorrow is the last day at Eight_Virtues Montessori Preschool for my son. I am so grateful to the teachers and the principal, like a warm and caring family they have always been there for us and supported us in every possible way. We won’t forget this wonderful journey.

    Hossein was preparing a speech for tomorrow and suddenly he broke to tears saying I am going to miss my school... this shows the greatness of the love he has received from his teachers and friends.

    Ms.Aleza Shafiee, thank you for making school our second home, we truly felt like a family at school . Ms. Jilian, I always brought my struggles to you and you with your valuable experience assured me and helped me to get through it. You are Hossein’s biggest luck because you helped him to love learning and that is the most valuable thing he has learned from EVMP.

    May all kids grow up to be healthy and happy adults. Ameen.

    -Mr Mohammad Behmanesh & Mrs Zahra Dashtizadeh-
  • We would like to have a special thanks to all teachers who took care of Sonu and giving her a good start for the bright future.The farewell celebration and the lovely gifts for Sonu will be the most memorable day for Sonu.

    "All the best to everyone and have a bright future"

    - Mr Ramesh Naik & Mrs Hemalatha Bai -
  • Mr Ong Chai Heng & Mrs Lau Yen Sze
    Every child is unique in EVMP, yet EVMP is capable of enhancing that uniqueness.

    With nearly 3 years with EVMP, in addition to reading and writing, Valerie has learnt to be independent, outspoken and confident for her age.

    Moving on to big school, she has been acknowledged for her good learning attitude and academic milestones.  I believe this is a good reflection of EVMP’s effort.  EVMP has equipped her with a good foundation and the correctitude in learning.

    Special thanks to Ms Aleza, Ms Jillian, Ms Sharon and Ms Dharshani for their patience, enthusiasm, guidance, love, care and trust that they have bestowed upon her.
    Mr Ong Chai Heng & Mrs Lau Yen Sze
  • Mr Hee Kam Yew & Mrs Lai Wan Theng 

    Our experience with Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool has been fantastic and we would definitely recommend to other. I like the personal attention my children receiving ved and the wonderful personality of all teachers. We are able to see our children develop progressively, socially and academically.

    We were also receiving feedback, suggestions and information from the teacher time to time.  The school provides healthy meal and the school facility is safe and clean. All staffs are loving and caring. We are glad to send our kids to Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool

    Mr Hee Kam Yew & Mrs Lai Wan Theng 
  • Mr Taher Ehbara & Mrs Kholod Abdul Rahman

    What can I say? For sure EIGHT VIRTUES MONTESSORI PRESCHOOL is one of the best schools I have seen. The teachers and staff are friendly and helpful.

    Malek has improved his English language and his knowledge during this period in EVMP school. Also he has great classmates from different countries and he really enjoys his time with them. I am really thankful to everyone from EVMP.

    Mr Taher Ehbara & Mrs Kholod Abdul Rahman
  • Madam Arvinder Kaur
    I cannot express how happy I am having my daughter Ishpreet Kaur in The Eight Virtues Montessori Pre-School. I was so nervous leaving my daughter anywhere before her admission but the way she was handled there was really beyond the expectations. After visiting the school my husband and I felt so comfortable and assured.

    The classrooms are decorated so nicely and school is following academic programs. Teachers are so supportive and nurturing who also keep us informed and send us different activities pictures. Anytime I approached the teacher for my daughter’s progress they were so informative and detailed about what my daughter is doing. I can definitely see the benefits of having my daughter in this school and would like to thanks every staff for being so helpful and supportive.
    Madam Arvinder Kaur
  • Dr. Hamideh Pourtaherian
    I wanted to say a big thank you to Miss Aleza for the amazing work you do at Eight Virtues Montessori School. You should be very proud of the friendly environment you have created. My especial thanks for Miss Sharon and Miss Dharshani for their patience, enthusiasm and their skill.
    Dr. Hamideh Pourtaherian
  • Mrs Dr Golnar Kiani
    Celina Bazooband has learned and developed so much, thanks to your amazing team and she’s had a ton of fun along the way. She enjoys her school life very much. She catches up quickly in class and starts to make new friends. The love, care and supports she received in preschool are the best gifts she can get which will positively influence her future life.
    Mrs Dr Golnar Kiani
  • Mr Tan Kwang Yung and Mrs Agnes Wong Pui Ming
    Our daughter has enjoyed her time and learned very much at the preschool under your supervise. My husband and I have been incredibly impressed with your nurturing, caring and professional approach on childcare. We thank you for your effort, leading and making the preschool such a comfortable care and safe learning place.
    Mr Tan Kwang Yung and Mrs Agnes Wong Pui Ming
  • Mr Behazin and Mrs Alison Jafari
    We are very grateful of the care and attention that your teachers have given to Cyrus. In the time that he has been at Eight Virtues Preschool, Cyrus has grown and developed so much, and we are extremely happy with the service that your staff provide. Cyrus is very happy to come to school each day, and he will indeed miss each of his teachers and friends.
    Mr Behazin and Mrs Alison Jafari
  • Mr Syed Muzzafar and Mrs Sheilla Delalamon
    It has been a wonderful journey for Mysha being in the class with your teachers, especially Ms. Jillian and Ms. Sharon who helped Mysha to become more confident and cope up with other students. It has been a fantastic experience with 10 months being with you and has become a part of our family.
    Mr Syed Muzzafar and Mrs Sheilla Delalamon
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