⛩🧧EVMP Pot Luck Chinese New Year (CNY) Open House Gathering 🧧⛩

Parents Teachers Conference – End term 4 2019
November 27, 2019
June 29, 2020

⛩🧧EVMP Pot Luck Chinese New Year (CNY) Open House Gathering 🧧⛩


Xin Nian Kuai Le

Dear Parent,

You and family are cordially invited to join our EVMP CNY Open House Gathering on;

Day : Friday
Date : 21st February 2020
Time : 10.00am till 1.00pm
Venue : Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool
Theme & Attire : Traditional / Cultural Wear / Red Shirt or Dresses

✳️ Please send your child/ children to school as usual at 8.30am tomorrow

✳️ Our children will have a “special performance” during a gathering and we appreciate your supports to come at 10.15am

✳️ Official gathering and performances begin at 10.30am till 1.00pm

✳️ Full Day and Extended Program still ON as usual. If you wish to bring back your child early kindly acknowledge teachers.

See you at our CNY Official Open House Gathering. May we have a great celebration, gathering and sharing great moments with all of you.

See you tomorrow 😍🌹

Best Regards,
Principal and Team
The Management of EVMP
Tadika Sri Genius Sdn. Bhd.